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Simply put, the MEPHISTO shoe is the finest walking shoe in the world. Its comfort, firmness and durability are recognized by all who understand the complexity of the mechanism of human walking. Indeed, the Mephisto has become the most popular walking shoe in virtually every country in which it has appeared. For more than five decades of its existence, Mephisto has been a leader in the innovative design and construction of walking shoes. Revolutionary solutions such as quick shoeing solutions and breathable insoles have emerged from our workshop. In addition, while other walking shoes are often made of 100% synthetics and are rarely touched by human hands in the manufacturing process, Mephisto footwear has retained the features of a natural product (soft leather, latex, cork and rubber), and each Mephisto shoe is still individually handmade in the spirit of unsurpassed European tradition.

Mephisto footwear is an investment in comfort. The technology, materials, construction and quality parts used in making each pair of Mephisto shoes are never questioned. It’s no surprise if your Mephisto shoes last for years. Adding to your investment is the fact that most models can be completely reconstructed, which means that repairs and alterations can restore their original appearance and shine. Mephisto constantly receives letters from satisfied customers praising these shoes as the most comfortable and grateful they have ever purchased. Many even claim that because of their comfort and stability, they feel a positive effect on health. The Mephisto shoe offers unique features and quality that are worth every price.

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