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Buy and wear leather footwear that allows your feet to breathe. This can prevent your feet to sweat so much sweat as in shoes built from synthetic materials. Advantages of leather shoes in relation to footwear made of synthetic materials are: the leather footwear is healthier for wearing, breathes, and thus allows the foot to breathe, it is softer, more flexible and better suited to the leg than shoes made from synthetic materials.

Proper fit
For a proper fit shoes, make sure that you have enough space around the toes. Your fingers should be able to play the piano, which means that the up, down and sideways movement is not hampered.

We recommend that you do not buy your shoes too small. Please make shure that between the end of your toes and the tip of the shoes there is enough free space (7 to 8 mm), If this was not the case, we ask yout to buy them half size bigger. In this way only, you will benefit from our unique comfort when walking.

Leather is a "living" organic material that should be nurtured. Cleanse, nourish it and protect it regularly (shoe protector). Always follow the instructions for cleaning and shoe care, and are using the right product for the right skin. Otherwise, you risk blocking the pores and destruction of the natural splendor that offers top quality leather. The Mephisto a broad line of care, as well as sprays to protect from moisture and dirt, and special funds for Nubuck and suede leather, and much more.

We advise that when you do not wear shoes please store them in a damp place.

When traveling, make sure you remove the cartridges from their shoes overnight (if possible) and let them air-dry.  Next day your shoes will feel like new.

Lacing shoes
Fasten your shoes tight in the morning, and release them as the day progresses, in order to accommodate the swollen feet as the day goes on.

Trying shoes
If you are not  100% sure that you're in the shoes comfortable enough, the best time to try out shoes  is in the afternoon. As the day progresses feet are more swollen.

Avoid 100% cotton or wool socks when walking or traveling a lot. The combination of smart wool and quality synthetic fibers is the best for preventing moisture and keeping your legs and feet dry and comfortable.

Appropriate shoes
Always pairing shoes with the same color belt (men) and with the same color bags (women).

Narrow Foot
If you have narrow feet, buy shoes with Velcro straps that allow tighter setting.

For the end a few tips to relieve your feet
The choice of the appropriate height heel shoe affects body weight, height, length, width and shape of the foot, and the type of posture and walk. For shoes, besides high heels, important are its shape and material. Fith in a shoe that stands almost horizontally, preventing the foot from slipping forward, but to reduce the pressure on the forefoot.  If you are one of those high heel is nice, treat them only on special occasions.  For everyday walking wear shoes with low heels.  By regular removal of nails and wearing socks will help your feet feel easier.

Appropriate low heel shoe provides approximately the same load the front part of the foot and heel, and with adequate walking ankle flexibility and functionality of the lower leg and foot muscles. Experts have proven that the "healthy" heel should be 2 cm, while the heel height of 5 cm and more are not healthy, because reducing the extent in the legs, affects posture and shortens step .... However, fashion is unrelenting ...

Tip of our store
Always provide advice to the customer!
If you are unsure, see the help of our trained employees. Finding the appropriate Mephisto footwear is critical for a perfect fit and optimum comfort.

Walk the right way in your new MEPHISTO´s!

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